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  • ✅HUMANELY SILENCE your dogs annoying barking without painful, anxiety-causing shocks. Dogbark Intelligent No Bark Dog Collar uses painless sound and vibration stimuli to deter unwanted, annoying barki

  • ✅NO SHOCK UNIT detects movement of your dogs vocal chords. It then emits audible warning beeps that are followed by vibrations if the barking continues. Your dog will quickly and easily associate thes

  • ✅UNIVERSAL SIZE is adjustable for your dogs neck. Suitable for all breeds and sizes, this Anti Bark Collar can be worn indoors and outdoors for training consistency.

  • ✅ALL-WEATHER nylon web collar is impervious to rain, snow and temperatures up to 450 F degrees. Dual-retention plastic buckle requires 2 points of pressure to unlock, ensuring that the collar remains

  • ✅30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ensures your satisfaction. If our no-shock dog barking collar doesnt restore peace to your home, return it for a 100% refund of your purchase price. If your dog is very st

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Quiet your dog with our intelligent cruelty-free collar Barking is a natural dog behaviour but inappropriate barking can easily become an annoying habit. Yappy Dog Intelligent No Bark Dog Collar trains your dog through a series of audible sounds and vibrations that deliver 7 progressive correction levels, breaking your dog of incessant barking painlessly and humanely. Sensitivity adjustment lets you tailor these stimuli for stubborn or sensitive dogs. Durable, adjustable and effective Yappy Dog Intelligent No Bark Dog Collar is made of resilient nylon webbing so it withstands moisture and inclement weather. The lightweight control unit makes this bark deterrent collar ideal for dogs from 5kg to 50kg and with neck sizes up to 55cm. A reliable dual-retention plastic buckle ensures that the collar stays around your dogs neck, and the rounded edges prevent chafing and irritation of skin and fur. Your Yappy Dog Intelligent Anti Bark Collar comes with 2 sets of prongs to accommodate every puppy and adult dog size, and your first battery is also included.
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