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  • ✅ Fit Puppies and Dogs from 15lbs to 150lbs

  • ✅ Comfortable, Form Fit Design

  • ✅ Safe Vibration Training

  • ✅ 6v Battery x 2

  • ✅ Reflective for Low Light Safety

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✅Vibration Bark Collar. A unique pet collar that uses Vibration to help them know when they shouldnt bark, you can train your dog on the leash, at the dog park or at home so they stay quiet whenever someone visits, walks by or even says hello. You love your dog, but you dont have to love how loud they are. Get the Oui Paw No bark Collar and provide them with safe, gentle reminders not to bark excessively so you can enjoy more peace and quiet.
✅TRAINS DOGS TO STOP BARKING- with increasingly progressive sounds waves and vibration CONTROLLED BY A MICROPROCESSOR- which distinguishes your dogs bark from other surrounding environmental noises COMES WITH SEVEN LEVELS OF CORRECTION- levels 1 and 2 come with progressive warning tone- levels 3-7 will deliver a progressively louder tone and a more intense vibration, when your dog stops barking after 30seconds the collar will reset COMPLETELY ADJUSTABLE- fit dogs from little as 5lbs as large as 150lbs
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