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  • WORLD MISSION - For every item purchased, Pet PawsabilitiesTM donates an item in need to local shelters and rescues. Pet PawsabilitiesTM is also part of the National Canine Cancer Foundation and donat

  • HUMANE AND EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE- Tired of those painful shock collars that not only dont work but cause pain to your dog? How about pointy probes that dig into your dogs skin? This bark collar is painl

  • TRAINING WITH SEVEN LEVELS OF CORRECTION- Making sure your dog stops barking ethically and humanely is our top priority. How the levels work: At the first bark and second bark, the dog bark collar wil

  • SEVEN BARK SENSITIVITY LEVELS - Easily customize the correct bark sound level for your dog with 7 different bark sensitivity levels. Simply push the + or - on the collar for adjustment. If your dog is

  • RECHARGEABLE, RAINPROOF, AND NECK REFLECTIVE: This bark collar has a built in USB rechargeable battery. Fully charge battery for 1.5 hours for long lasting use. This bark collar is rainproof and can b

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Are you tired of your dog barking to the point where you are not getting any sleep? Cant go on walks? If so you are not alone. Millions of dog owners have this problem, yet very few ever correct the behavior. When using commands just isnt enough, you may need something extra to trigger a response within your dog. That is why we developed the Pet PawsabilitiesTM No Bark Collar.

Now, you may be asking yourself, whats the difference between the Pet PawsabilitiesTM Bark Collar, and any other bark collar on the market today? Our Bark Collar is the only humane collar that will NOT shock or harm your dog and will actually stop your dog from barking very effectively with just beep and vibration; at a fraction of the cost of other bark collars.

You see, theres horrible horror stories that the rest of the pet brands selling shock bark collars dont want you to know..They try to tell you that their shock collars will stop your dog from barking safely...when in reality they cause burn holes, go off randomly and shock the dog for no apparent reason, which in turn confuses and harms your dog.

Here at Pet PawsabilitiesTM, we only provide you with products that are HUMANE, SAFE, ETHICAL and EFFECTIVE.  

Our Rechargeable No Shock Bark Collar: 

✔︎Only Uses Sound and Vibration

✔︎Painless and Extremely Effective


✔︎Water Resistant

✔︎Night reflective

✔︎7 Levels of Sensitivity

✔︎100% Money Back GUARANTEE

Stopping your dog from barking too much no longer needs to be stressful and frustrating. Go with the brand that you can trust will always tell it like it is and provide you with products that flat out work and will not harm your pet in any manner.

Pick up your bark collar now and experience the power of the Pet PawsabilitiesTM No Shock Bark Collar for yourself (and grab an extra for your neighbor or friends dog)!🐕  
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