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  • HUMANE , HARMLESS, EFFECTIVE: It is definitely not about shock and pain to train your furry friend. The progressive sound and vibration stimulus with 7 level sensitivity adjustment will help your dog

  • INTELLIGENT CHIP AND UPGRADE DESIGN VERSION: Unlike cheaply made and not- working training collars, this great anti-bark collar has a tiny cpu built onto an single chip and put into electric devices t

  • FLEXIBLE SIZE FOR YOUR FUR BABY: Whether your dog is a pug or a larger great Labrador, our no bark collars are designed for them. The bark control collar is ideal for small and medium sized dogs from

  • WATERPROOF LED CLIP ON PET SAFETY LIGHT GIFT: Lovatic offers each purchase a Waterproof Spolit Dog Light which increases your dogs safety and visibility. It is designed with 3 flashing modes: fast, st

  • TIPS FOR USE: To get the best result of using the Anti bark collar, we suggest customers to make the most suitable adjustment for dogs, not too tight or too loose. Moreover, do not leave the collar on

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What can you do if you find your dogs barking has become an issue and you need to stop this behavior immediately?

Barking is completely natural canine behavior and it is the dogs language. However, if your dog is a talkative one, it becomes a serious problem which affects your life and people living surrounding.

Although owners want to stop this bad habit, they also worry about the safety of training methods to their dogs. Thus, shocking and hurting is definitely unacceptable.

LOVATIC Anti Bark Collar is an excellent solution that helps you eliminate excessive barking, keep the peace in your neighborhood and 100% safe for your dogs. The Lovatic Bark Control Training Collars are training tools designed specifically to address habitual chronic barking.

Pain-Free but effective Training Collar, Teach your dog in a happy way

The LOVATIC battery-operated collars use both sound and vibration to determine when the dog is barking. It is Humane & Safe for all sized dogs. The Dog Barking Control varies by the number of adjustable levels of correction intensity. The bark control training collars are effective because your dog associates his own behavior (barking) with the unpleasant correction, and will stop the behavior to avoid the correction.

Stop barking with Lovatic NEWEST, MOST POWERFUL bark dog collar to date. The automatically detects and stops barking with special sound & vibration frequencies and works up to 7 Levels Of Sensitivity Adjustment.

Being A Part Of Our Family By Clicking The ADD TO CARD Button Right Now And Get Your Lovatic Bark Control Collar!


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