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    These 2018 no bark Collars will fit large medium and small dogs, in all breed. This anti barking deterrent is safe, even a tiny puppy can train with it. It has seve

  • ULTRASONIC BEEP AND VIBRATION - This is the best no shock anti-bark traning collar. The 7 vibration and sonic levels is easy to control, No shock or Citronella, it is simply a no bark Petsafe collar,

  • ADJUSTABLE COLLAR FROM PUPPY TO FULL GROWN - The high quality nylon strap adjust easy to a mini Chihuahua or a German shepherd or any other breed, Has white reflective stripes. The buckle is made of h

  • VALUE-FOR-YOUR-MONEY-PACKAGE - You get 4 face plates for your no barking collar, in colors for either male or female dogs. We have also added an extra battery for the waterproof bark device. When the

  • NO BARK TRAINING- BEHAVIOR PROCESS - Correction time for your pet or pets can vary, each case individually, but no less then 14 days! Effective to stop dogs from 10 lbs up to 110 lbs. When training pr

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  • We all love our dogs: Therefore, The no bark training for our pets is best, with a sound and Vibration traning collar, It is the humane and way to do it
  • The highly intelligent and automatic anti barking collar will do the job quickly, and easily teach your dog not to bark
  • It is not recomended that the dog wear the dog bark collar all the time
  • The Collar is high quality, made durable of safe materials.
  • The adjustable strap for the device is made of durable nylon reflective material
  • You will have to test witch level of vibrations and ultrasonic sound, is best for you and your dog, It all depends of the personality of your dog
  • There are Seven (7) highly sensitive ultrasonic sound and vibration levels for you to control.
  • On the right level you can under the training quickly learn your dog to stop barking
  • Adjust the sensitivity level of the No barking collars, with the help of the easy buttons, + and - A warning tone will follow your dogs first and second bark
  • If your dog barks a third time, there will be a warning tone and vibration
  • The intensity of the vibration will be maintained until the 7th bark then turned into sleep mode, and the no barking training collar will stop working for one (1) minute
  • The training collar is 100% waterproof, this allow you to get outdoor and have fun inn all kind of wheather
  • This no bark collar is the right and best choice for small medium and large dogs weighing from 10 up to 110 lb with a neck size of 9 to 22 inches
  • Package Included one (1) Dog Anti Barking collar, one (1) Adjustable Nylon Collar, two (2) 6V Battery, and four (4) Color Covers ( Blue - Pink - Purple - Black ) and two (2) plastic probes and one (1) user manuel.  


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