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  • TRAIN WITHOUT THE PAIN: Your no-bark collar uses only sound & vibration to effectively end nuisance barking. Completely harmless with no shock. Uses rounded probes (long or short) for added comfort.

  • BARK ACTIVATED FOR EFFORTLESS TRAINING: Your anti-barking collar restores peace & quiet automatically by cycling through 7 levels of correction. No remote to keep up with & no buttons to press.

  • CUSTOMIZABLE STYLE, SUPERIOR COMFORT: Uniquely modern, this #Quiet bark-control collar features 3 interchangeable faceplates & a cozy, nylon band. Plus, its weather-resistant & supremely durable.

  • ADJUSTABLE TO FIT NEARLY ANY BREED: From Dachshunds to German shepherds, this K9 bark collar fits dogs 8-150 lbs with a neck circumference of 10-21 in. Great for indoor or outdoor use.

  • 60-DAY, MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: We know youll love the convenience of your auto bark collar. Thats why you get a full 60 days to try it out. We love that each dog has their own personality, so a small p

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Using 7 levels of sound & vibration, this stylish bark collar stops nuisance barking automatically. No painful shocks necessary. Even includes 3 unique faceplates & fits nearly any breed.

Love your furry friend but not their constant barking? Cant stand the thought of using a shock collar? Now you can train easily and quickly & still treat them like family with this Non-Shocking Bark Collar by Barkleys Best.

Adjustable fit from 8-150 lbs
Adjustable collar from 10- 21
Battery operated (6V - 4LR44)
Available in blue or purple
Long & short probes included

No Shock. No Pain. Just Safe, Effective Training.

While most canine bark collars use painful shocks, your gentle training collar uses only sound and vibration - 100% safe & humane. Even comes with smooth, rounded probes for added protection. Plus, you can increase or decrease the devices sensitivity according to your pets bark with the convenient +/- buttons located on top of the collar.

Unlike ordinary no-harm bark collars, yours is stylish & customizable with 3 interchangeable #Quiet faceplates and comfortable nylon band.

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This bark-deterrent collar automatically reacts to your pups bark. No need for annoying remotes. Just pop in the battery, put the collar on & listen to the barking disappear. It uses 7 levels of correction to eliminate barking quickly & easily:

The first 2 barks generate sound
At the 3rd bark, it beeps & vibrates
After each bark, the vibration lasts longer until it cycles through all 7 levels
If barking continues, the collar rests for 1 min then starts over
Dogs learn faster if owners are actively involved in the training. Positive reinforcement and/or rewards will accelerate training and yield faster results.

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Try your beeping bark collar for a full 60 days. If you dont absolutely love it, wel

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