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  • Long range dog collar light with high visibility can be set to ON or BLINKING to make your dog visible in low light senarios for silent tracking

  • Easily slips on to 3/4 or 1 collar strap or can be attached to the collars D-Ring, a backpack strap, belt loop and many other places with the included carabiner

  • All-weather Locator Beacon features waterproof and submersible design ensuring reliabe use during rain or when your dog goes swimming

  • Replaceable CR2032 batteries provide up to 250 hours of on time; Setting light to flashing provides longest battery life

  • By designing our products in the field, with heat, cold, rain, snow, dust, mud, and wind in mind, SportDOG has become the most recognized brand in the electronic tracking and training categories, maki

    Model: SDLB-RED

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The SportDOG Brand Locator Beacon is an easy, affordable way to keep track of dogs at night or in low light. This compact and versatile safety/locator light can be used for everything from finding hounds during night hunts to providing added visibility - and peace of mind - during evening strolls with canine companions. The Locator Beacon provides up to 250 hours of on-time and can be set to either constant ON or FLASHING. The light includes a handy carabiner clip for attaching to a collar D-Ring, backpack strap, belt loop, and can also be used on any collar strap up to 1 wide.
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