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  • Great for training all size and breeds of dog, from 5 lbs up, for either good behavior, hunting, rescue, police K9, or show

  • Cant lose this trainer. Features a beeper locator function as well as a flashing or solid light locator function. Handheld remote even floats.

  • 1/2 mile range provides the ability to train in parks, on the beach, large fields, etc.

  • Assembled in the USA

  • eXtreme Dog Fence deshedding glove removes excess hair and enhances a healthy coat, while you praise your pets performance

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ET-300 Mini Educator E-Collar Dog Trainer and eXtreme Dog Fence Deshedding Glove Bundle:

The perfect tool to help mold your dog into the well behaved, educated family member you know he/she can be. There are many pet trainer collar kits out there, but when it comes to your pet receiving a static correction -You want to ensure that its consistent, and manufactured for reliability and continued performance. The E-Collar line of dog trainers has been professionally tested, extensively, to guarantee just that.

The Mini Educator system is ideal for dogs as small as 5 lbs, and boasts the following features:
1/2 Mile Range
Lightweight 2.4 Ounce Receiver
Waterproof Handheld Remote (Floats)
Waterproof Collar Receiver
100 Stimulation Levels and 60 Boost Levels
Vibration Only Mode
Tone Only Mode
Night Tracking Light for Easy Pet Location
Beeper Feature for Easy Transmitter Location
Manufactured in the USA

This shock resistant remote trainer for dogs will accommodated small dogs, medium dogs, and large dogs. The Mini Educator is a great all around remote pet trainer collar solution. And the eXtreme Dog Fence deshedding glove lets you praise your dog with a soothing stroke that also removes uncomfortable, excess hair.

This bundle includes:

1x Miniature Collar Receiver
1x Miniature Handheld Remote
2x Sets of Contact Points (5/8 and 3/4)
Contact Point Removal Wrench
Dual Battery Charger
Owners Manual & Training Guide
Lanyard for the Remote
eXtreme Dog Fence Deshedding Glove
UPC: 008523909114