D.T. Systems-BTB809
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  • Two operating modes - run/point, or point only

  • State-of-the-art microcomputer technology for maximum performance and reliability; easy operation with one touch push button system

  • Long range audibility - audio booster element

  • Rechargeable batteries - charger included

  • Remote control activation-250 yard range

    Model: BTB809

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The btb 809 provides all the features of the btb 800 with the addition of a remote control; the btb 809 remote control can be used to activate or deactivate the unit from up to 250 yards away. While the unit is on simply depress the top button to deactivate the collar. To reactivate press the bottom button. The btb 809 gives you the ability to keep track of your dogs location when he is out of sight and lets you know when he has gone on point. This allows you to find the dog quickly and prevents you from making the mistake of calling the dog to you when hes on point. The btb 809 beeper collar is light weight and built to withstand the rugged conditions and heavy cover dogs often encounter. The use of both the sound booster element and the long duration, double beep make the btb 809 collar much easier to hear at long range. (actual yardage will vary depending upon the relative position of yourself and your dog and other variables such as cover and wind speed and direction). The btb 809 has two operating modes, run/point and point only. When run/point is selected the collar will emit a double beep every five seconds while the dog is running and will emit a double beep every two seconds when the dog is on point. When the point only mode is selected the collar will emit a double beep every two seconds when the dog is on point but will remain silent when the dog is running. The on/off switch must be depressed for two full seconds to shut the collar off. This prevents the collar from accidentally shutting off when the dog is running through heavy cover.
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