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  • Wireless frequency transmits through walls, closets, all those unimaginable places they like to hide, indoors and out! Up to 200 ft (clear range). 2032 batteries included.

  • Bright LED receiver lights up & beeps for fast recovery anywhere, anytime, day or night! Keychain remote individually locates the same color receiver that your pet wears on its collar. The red All Cal

  • I.D. tag: simply write your name and address on the sticker provided. Beep em & Treat em and soon they make the connection to come to you!

  • National statistics show that less than 2% of lost cats make it home. Even indoor cats are at risk. Patented and trademarked.100% Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction.

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Forget expensive GPS tracking systems with monthly fees, battery chargers and complicated computer apps. The Cat Caller works instantly! Just a touch of a button and your pets receiver lights up and beeps, so you can find it anywhere, any time, day or night. Each color coded button signals the color receiver your pet is wearing. The red all call button locates all your pets at once! You can train your pet to come to you! Just beep em and treat em and theyll soon make the connection! The smallest pet locator on the market specifically designed for cats, kittens and small dogs. Durable stainless steel buckle adjusts to any small to medium pet collars including break away safety collars (How to use and apply to safety collars: Instruction videos at ). Additional remote and receivers all work interchangeably, so its great for multi-pet families! A Great Gift idea! Patented and trademarked,The Cat Caller is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
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